fumbally flyer 5We are very excited to be heading to Ireland in May with the express. Stopping in Dublin first for a film night at the Fumbally Stables, a workshop and taking the trolly to the Sunday Fusion market then heading south west to  Mahon Point Farmers Market and the Ballymalloe Food and Literature  Festival via the beaches and bars of County Cork.

The first time I went to Ireland with the trolly was to for Avril’s Body and Soul area in the Electric Picnic. A festival within a festival and a living fairy tale than ran on a different candy. From London on a Friday morning I left with my trolly, supplies, a tent, a blanket and took rides on a tube, a train, a ferry and in the back of a van. I knew it would be fun but I never expected the enthusiasm, openness or interest in a food unfamiliar to most. I left on the Monday with empty tins, no voice and aching ribs from laughing.

electric picnic

The next time is was the year England were under performing in the South African world cup. It was for the first stand alone Body and Soul festival on the edge of a lake and overlooked by a castle. It ran over the summer solstice and the sky held no clouds for 5 straight days. On the way out of London I stopped off in Harrow at Mr Kishors small factory to pick up the dry ingredients. While waiting for the order he took me to his office were the air was hot and still and he talked of Indian gods and divine intervention. I left feeling strangely fortified but without my order which was bad for business but good for leisure.

body and soul

I returned later that year to the Electric Picnic with an overly ambitious set up that was the result of ideas scribbled on a napkin in a Brixton coffee shop. With unrealistic ideas if you don’t nip them in the bud they grow on their own and into the quick sand you can slide and by the time the van was packed beyond the gills and we headed out of London my body was shot, my mind splintered and had the strange feeling of drowning before you even put a toe in the water. There was an 8 hour drive to the ferry that left at 2 in the morning and a drive through Dublin morning rush hour and on an hour or two to the site were you attach a 50′ by 30′ tarpaulin to the van and hold it up with huge bamboos and insufficient pegs. There were 7 dishes, 7 crew, wandering minstrels, a cinema area, a bootleg bar and a relentless schedule. Late on the Sunday night with the structure full of happily oiled people keeping out the rain the wind picked up and blew it all down. It was a long night and long drive home but nothing compared to the time never again echoed in my ear.



Good things can come from most things and a while later Aisling got in touch saying she saw the set up at the picnic and would I like to come over and so something in her newly opened cafe The Fumbally- and on May 8th this is going to happen. Actually its gong to be in the newly converted Fumbally Stables, which is a really good space and we shall be dressing up 2 floors into what promises the best by a long way of the Kolkata Street Food Experience evening so far.




We have more garlands,  beer can structures, new look stalls, new signs, better chai, better phuchas, proper ghugni and even more time than usual. The menu I shall put up in a few days but it’s the usual format of people turn up, eat and drink from the stalls before, during and after the film, which last about an hour and then hopefully fully nourished leave. So if you looking to get a ticket you can follow the link just HERE

fumbally flyer 2




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