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KOLKATA- amazing place- nowhere like it and against the odds, in a land of miracles a cooking situation like no other- from the people for the people- blessed by hand and human touch.

THE DVD …the mighty city seen from dawn to dusk through the constant kitchens of the pavements that provide fuel for millions on the move.Without presenter or voice over the story is told by the people that cook and the people that eat and a beautiful soundtrack. Runs for an hour 13 with all the extras.

THE BOOK…your guide to some of the best and cheapest you find anywhere. 50 pages full colour- last few of an unique run.

All beautifully triple wrapped and delivered to your chosen letter box for £15.00- last day 20/12/12.



book#2whirled jan 14Tickets for the return of the  KOLKATA STREET FOOD EXPERIENCE on the 13 and 14 JANUARY were the fantastic WHIRLED CINEMA will be converted into a multi sensory experience based around a Kolkatan street corner with sounds and smells and string of stalls serving authentic and original snacks and showing the film in top definition.

WE shall have an all new phulch counter, the first showing of the wandering star tonic bar, the jhal muri express, a dhokla station, rose royal lassi’s and sweets.

Its  £20 for the whole experience and a personal invitation will be sent to whoever you wish.  contact me to make it happen- #3chaat acadamy

A night of preparing, eating and learning about the world of the CHAATS- the snacks keeps the fires burning in the gaps. A very small informal, group at the CHAAT ACADAMY in glamorous Streatham– were we shall go through the chutni’s, masala’s and textures that make the chaats another great thing to come out of India

£30.00 @ SW24QS, Streatham Hill. 7..30 till 10.30 7th and 8th january.  A personal invitation sent. Contact to book or for info.


KOLKATA LIME PRESS and chopping block with knife. Without these the express would not be express. Beautiful bits of kit that wear into your hand. The knife is light and elastic and so easy to sharpen you almost can do on your chin.

£15 the pair to the address of choice –
#5LITTLE INDIAGet yourself down to Little India along the Upper Tooting  Road were you can wrap all the shopping in one place, eat some delicious food and return home baskets full with more money in your pocket that you would believe because there it is cheap and good. And of Tooting is off your map find an established Indian community- Ealing Road in Wembley, Southall and North Croydon along the London road to name a few and find the stores that have the kitchen kit, the decorations and the stuff for the spirit.

And while you are there be sure to pop into the wonderful Bhavins next door to buy all your spices, tamarind, palm sugar, pulse and grains and strange shaped vegetables at prices that show up the supermarkets for what they are. Why pay more because every little helps. AND not for getting to get a cup of gujarati dal at pooja sweets, along with one of their flat breads to see you right for anything the day may throw at you.


Wishing you all a very happy time of it with peace on earth and good will, respect and love to all.


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