P1080617The morning after the cinema shows on the pavement directly opposite  my flat were two bundles of Vogue magazines held by string. Maybe a gift from the god of catering that rewards those that get dug out the whole they dug. The day before the start of spring in Bhravins the first mango’s arrived from Indian and the day after the madalin wind blew from the east and the next day the snow- oh and Imogen got the lead role in a musical.P1080510

And funny it should be Vogue that turned up as it was the gig in a window of a fashion shop down Walton Street that almost broke the fragile organisation that day but as the sun broke loose and lowered its rays divinely between the posts of  battersea bridge  we drove on time into the rich and vaccant bubble of the monied London were the decimal point hops two steps two the right, legs are thin and perfect frames look cold and sexless. The shops no doubt are beautiful though and I left two trollies in the window  0f a resort ware shop showing Saloni’s latest line in beautiful flowing gowns and guilted bikini’s. I wan’t dressed for lingering.P1080584

Across the river the lights were dimmer and thanks to those that made it out of their winter boxes to the fantastic whirled cinema then. Often to much time spent on the production and not on the reason for the production and definately the case with the food at the whirled do but with the help of some direct Dakha input we are aiming to sharpen up the loose edges.P1080603

Just off to a holi party for some jewellery outfit in a bermondsy space that you said yes too because it sounded like fun and you going in with 2 trollies and 300 potential people in 4 hours. Its a challenge that could go either way. Dipu on one trolly doing trad Dakar style jhal muri, cool and upright, the other Kolkata/ Streatham and looser. Its Holi festival. Holi- all the colours of love.P1080485

You can never hold back spring so we go to find it driving Friday straight north to Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Berwick and all new territory and very excited. Leave Londons bubble a whole world of carts, trollies and trailors outthere and  lots of interesting events and gathering shooting up- lively too- lots of support I hear. Things on the move.

On Friday we be at Digbeth Dining Club in Birmingham, a weekly gathering around some dis used railway arches  just by some famous brick biscuit factory I believe. Classic  factory stuff, a string of food stalls music refreshments and the good vibe. Then its Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 00.01.14

Guerrilla Eats  on Saturday in Manchester. These apes are a collective of street food vendors that put on events and as luck would have it they have an Eat this saturday and Aarti  who runs Chaat Cart asked me along and we are going to run a stall together- she will do the dosa and I do the muri. Some great sounding traders there. Never been to Manchester before either- I know its going to be good.Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 00.22.19 Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 00.21.45

I then go around Cheviot and the east coast till Friday 5th saturday 6th when its Newcastle for the Boiler Shop Steamer– the first of a monthly happening in Robert Louis Stevenson’s boiler shop – thats right, just there. Theres’s live music and local foods and local drinks and boutiques to. Friday night will be just that and Saturday and little less so. Its set up by Adam of Rileys fish shack and the first ones are always the interesting ones.

All happenings converting city center spaces and putting food, music and drink heavily in the equation – but not just any old shit. Can’t wait. Thanks for the invites- how things have changed and its good.Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 00.17.29

If you anywhere near Leeds on 5th and 6th check out  Amazing Graze – a week end of goodness around the left bank set up by Manjit’s Kitchen– a doer who not affraid of doing what needs to be done.

Happy holi



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