whrled poster 3

So we are going full steam ahead for the cinema shows and trying to keep the imagination in a nearby orbit.chai pot and spice

We will be premiering a new cart for the cinema show at the whirled- were there is a blurring as at the THE CHAI, CURD AND SHAKER CORNER it is possible to eat your drinks and drink what you eat.IMG_1756

Its basically what it says in the box- there will be chai, rose royal lassi’s and the big new draw- the mango lassi shaker.  The chai is more a potion as there is no tea involved just orange skins and its juices, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, ginger and palm sugar. Served in small tea glasses for small stimulation.lassi


The lassi is beaten curds and beaten ice with palm sugar and rose water all whisked to a froth. Plain and simple and practical. The shaker though is more of an event.IMG_1765

There are these gujarati buttermilk donuts called balushahi but they are altogether more nut and less dough than what we associate with donuts being all crisp and uneven and not too sweet.


These get broken into a  vessel and you mix with the vivid orange puree of the the alphose mango. A squeeze of lime and some fresh ginger and coconut slivers. Put another vessel on top and shake like a cocktail- hence the shaker.


To finish whisk the lassi to give it life and pour into the cup over the biscuits.

You drink it and you eat it- eat it and drink it. One and the other and a bit of both. That is the way with the mango lassi shaker.

For the design of the cart we are looking at sinks and pallets and skip accessories. Thats how she goes.

For information on the event click this

And for tickets click this








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