film poster whirled 2013The KOLKATA STREET FOOD EXPERIENCE returns to the Whirled Cinema on the 18 & 19 March with the sounds, sights, smells and tastes of Kolkata in a unique sensory experience featuring the award winning film ” STREET FOOD KOLKATA – WHY NOT…” and the amazing snacks featured in the film- falling off the screen and fresh into your mouth.

kolkata chat mash new trimThere will be the everybody lovelove jhal muri express, vip ghugni dal, a phuchka counter and dhokla station, rose royal lassi’s, sweets, coolers and bhaul chai.

Authentic and original- tastes of the mighty city.

For a TRAILER for the film click this


The cost is £20 and tickets are only available here for the all the foods, the film and the experience. Come hungry leave nourished.

ALLWAYS WELCOMEThe Whirled Cinema is one of London’s hidden gems and perfect to spend an evening grazing on Bengali chaats and  refreshments, cushioned form the outside goings on with beautiful sounds and visions and the good vibe.

We open at 7.30 and the film starts at 8.45 and lasts an hour. You can eat before, during after the film. It is casual and relaxed.

There is a bar, sofas and a smoking deck. Everything.

Any information needed call me 07772028212


DIRECTS– The Whirled Cinema is just near Loughborough Junction station- Capital First Direct line and also just a skip and a hop on a bus from Brixton.


CHAAT COUNTERChaat literally means lick and is used to describe the eatings that are inbetween the main meals. They are all about the textures and all the tastes and all the pleasures. They are fresh, alive and nourishing to the core.

This is some of what you can expect.

jhal muri 2012The omnipresent chaat of Bengal, everywhere you will find in as many variations as there are people. All the same and all different.

vip ghugni trim 2Adapted from the Kolkata version were the dried pea or chick pea is used, here masor dal- the split red dal-is cooked with light spice and topped with tamarind chutni,  bombay onions, ginger, coriander, lime, chaat masala, lime and sev- the crisp noodle made form the chick pea flour.

phuchkas 2A phuchka is called a phuchka because when you puncture the crisp hollow puri it goes phuchk. A puri is a hollow crisp bread the size of a golf and it is filled with smashed potato flavoured with mustard oil, tamarind and mint water. You eat all in one and all becomes one.

DHOKLA STATIONDhokla actually is a dish from the western state of Gujarat but like many of the chaats has found its way to the east. It is a steamed savoury sponge made from the chick pea flour and we serve it with  thinned yogurt, hari chutni, ( coriander, lime and chilli) date

raisin and ginger chutni and tamarind sauce- all topped with coconut and other nice bits. It works.

royal lassi trim

The yoghurt beaten into a voluptuous arangement flavoured with rose water, palm sugar and the vivid orange of the alphonso mango.

All dishes served from carts and trollies decorated with all the flowers of the rainbow, made from bent metal and held together with copper wire and inner tubes. Thats how we go.

teljme trim


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