A bit of unashamed self promotion here with the duel intention of helping you out with an easy to administer ready wrapped and unique christmas present as well as helping me get to Ghana in Febuary to make another film.

The award wining film and the strictly limited edition book on the incredible street food of Kolkata all lovingly wrapped and parcelled up and delivered to whose ever front door step you wish to see it land on- I can even put on a gift tag and a copy of your signature.

Just £15.00 all in, with no post office cues, selotape or shinny paper to deal with. Orders need to be places by the Tuesday 20th December to ensure delivery by the happy day.


So there we have it. If this is of interest to you you can either contact me on – or go through the website –press here that has paypal facilities. This will be running from Wednesday 14th december.

If these suggestions do not quite satisfy your need for the Indian take on glitter and sparkle then the Londoners could do worse to zip to Little Indian in Tooting, Bopal’s down the Ealing road, Wembley or to Sanskruti  just by Alperton tube stop. And when you all done find yourself a chat counter and eat some of the best and cheapest food in London. Ballo.



The mighty city of Kolkata seen from dawn to dusk through the constant kitchens of the pavements that provide fuel for millions on the move. An extreme and intense situation that spawns some of the most delicious, nutritious and cheapest food anywhere. Undiluted by voice over or presenter the story is told by street characters, the bewildering visuals and the original sound track.At times inspiring at times confusing, as is in the city but ultimately beautiful, uplifting and a moving meditation to making the most of not very much.This is not a short cut, it’s the real thing.



A very limited edition with 50 pages and 200 colour photos, written in the cosmopolitan English for all to understand- this little beauty tells you about all of the street foods found in Kolkata, the ingredients the make it have the style and how it makes the difference to the well-being.



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film maker and cook without a kitchen
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