And so fresh of the plane from kolkata with a new set of signs, a fever and uncertain appetite for the future the lovelove express curved around the M25 for its first Indian wedding serving jhal muri to many happy Punjabi’s. There is no doubt that the indians are the greatest outdoor caterers. We watched in awe as from rental truck a kitchen manifested itself in a garage and from this makeshift arrangement dish upon dish upon dish emerged. We left as the police arrived which is generally the best way to play it.

With easter coming and the promise of some weather we headed west via the first thursday gig on vyner street. First
is when  the galleries around  east london open late and the haicuts and vintage clothes come out and linger and socialise on street corners with a bit of art thrown in and nothing wrong with that. Food ain’t high on the agenda but they come by eventually lured into the red lights and juju music like moths to a candle.

The weather way out west was biblical in its beauty as the spring unfolded before your very eyes.  Primrose flowers, wild garlic stems, sorrel and dandelion find there way into the muri and the tops of nettles in a tisane to clean the blood and give strength to the emotions. The nature has all the answers if you look. Hawking the muri in the glam spots and sunset locations- Bigbury bay, Dartmoor and the Avon valley and on to the end of England  at Senon, Cale Cornwall and Cot valley. Perfect waves were an endless sky meets an endless sea. Is there anywhere more beautiful.

We left the beach rolled into London just in time for the street food festival outside the festival hall. Some high city living for the wedding and beyond. A posse of wagons serving some seriously good food- fresh and alive- no monkey business here- check this for a low down-

Basically London was brought to a halt for the day because of love and nothing wrong with that no matter what your post code and you start drinking cider at lunch time and three days later the sun is still shining and you still drinking. The express somewhat suffered due to an unproffesional attitude but me managed rose royal lassi’s with the mango option, Harriot’s pulchas and lopsided muri cones to lots of  all sorts of everyday people doing what we all do best.

By chance there was a Nitin Sawney gig at the Albert Hall and very beautiful it was too. Songs from the soon to be released album and  the favourites – nadia, letting go, homelands etc etc- but with different arrangements. Vibrating strings and skins and those voices- chilling.  The day before we fed them muri and vip dal, with lime and tamarind and all the masalas in the Bengali style. The tabla player is from Kolkata and he did little to hide his happiness.

And the sun kept shining and you find yourself on Brighton beach by the angel with the argos trolly dressed for muri action. Trolly culture- love it and in the evening the birthday celebrations move into their second week as you wobble to a blinding set from Orkestra del Sol- a mish mash mash up of a big brass sound that are fully worth the detour. On the downs behind the city the hawthorns are in bloom. The white flowers you pick and make a tisane with. It is the great heart healer and for those who have lost in love to themselves or others it can help to rebuild and see the sunny side again. On desert island disks Molly Parkin choose “accentuate the positive” by Bette Midler and Bing Crosby. Is there a better place to start?

There is exciting stuff happening in London with the street food hawkers and hustlers. Like minded people coming together and cutting out the middle man. Better for us- better for you and good, cheap and alive food brough to were it tastes best- outside on the streets. Outside The Rye Peckham for the next two weeks a different member of the very progressive and positive street food collective Eat street-  will be serving there specialities. Totally recommended.

Details –

I will be there tomorrow night and next week too. I be doing the Ghugni chat-
It is a dal based dish that goes way beyond. There will be chai and always there is the muri. Be lovely to see you.

And a tune for the perfect month of may-

Simple as pie- the man has the right address.

Recipes coming next week.

To find out were i am it a twitter thing- @jhalmuriexpress


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