Saraswati- the Knowledge God and beautiful she sits with her sitar and books and bright red lips. Today pujas made to the books and the music and the creative forces of the knowledge.

Sweets are offered, prayers sent and kichiri prepared. From kichiri came the kedgeree and it is the staple that most of the rural indian people eat everyday.

Endless variety to the kichiri but alway there is the rice and the dal. In Bengal they use moong dal and rice that looks like broken basmati. The simple ones are often the best as rice and dal fits tight and perfect.

Two hand full of rice and one of moong dal- wash seperately to bring to life and drain. Fry some cumin seeds till he smell fills the room then the onion and ginger, some ground coriander and chilli dust. Then the rice and spoon it around the pot, then the dal, some tumeric, some salt. Pour in the water till it covers the foods by twice. If you like split a couple of green chillis and pop them in too.

You can have dry like paella or wet like rissotto or soupy like soup- as to your wish. For dry boil till it dries for wet add the water more. It is cooked when it is cooked.

This will give two people a staple meal that see you most of the day. Some yoghurt on top and tamarind sauce too. Some chat masala, a sqeeze of lime, chutney from the fridge. Up to you.

For the Knowledge from the Gods.


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  1. Just love your website, Ange! Been following it all very closely. Hope to make it to a show this summer…absolutely brilliant and yummy!

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