CHAT means to lick- like top shelf lick or a snack to lick your lips and eat your fingers with.

Chat masala or chat masala. Pleasures of a different flesh.

Indians – king of the snacks and heading east across the plains from Gujarat and with Mugli meeting they landed in Kolkata and sprung there own seeds in Bengali soil.

The jhal muri, bhel puri, patat puri, alu chat and papri chat and on and on. A family of endless  relations. All the same and all very different.

Made in front of your nose from an array of boxes and bent metals, textures and tastes are flipped up and slapped down, landing in the shape of a cone or a carton. Foods that make you fly- to take you away or bring you back and brought to life with sour sweet tamarind, limes and chaat masala. Bridges between gaps.

Chat masala is like your snack spice- the all rounder with something for everything- a little sour, a little salt, a little hot and a little spice. Raises the potential of everything it touch. The salt, the pepper and the hp too.

Everyone is different and everyone have there way- its yours to have how you like.

You need the sour of the AMCHOUR- the dried and powdered young mango powder, CHILLI DUST for the hot and BLACK SALT too for salt. Alone it tastes sulphorous but mixed it brings the family together. Too much is definately too much though.

CUMIN also and in a pan roast till they start to smell and grind them with a stone or in your friends coffee grinder.

So maybe 3 spoons amchour, two of cumin powder, one black salt and one of chilli powder. Hows that- change it how you like- its yours. Make it zing.

This is a very simple version but if you wish to know about spices best to start simple- also more does not always mean merrier.

Black pepper, pomegranate seeds and ajowan are possible.

Over dals and rice, on dry snacks and wet fruit. Steamed vegetables, unsatisfactory noodles and grilled meats. Were ever you want its up to you.

Free pack at the whirled event coming. Why not…


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